For many transgender people, transition can be a full-time job. No instruction manual exists for when or how to transition, or what the steps should be — rightfully so, since everyone’s experience is different. While medical providers can help, their recommendations are constrained by a marked lack of evidence-based research and sometimes also out-of-date information. Many transitioners turn to Reddit, which is an amazing source of information — and likewise an amazing source of misinformation.

Futuristic headshot of Juno, who has bright red hair, a septum piercing, and symmetric vertical labret lip piercings. They are wearing a red and orange crop top, a leather shrug, an ankh necklace, and a black skirt. Juno is partially backlit by a neon display in a window which includes the word 'open.'


Hi, I’m Juno. With a Ph.D. in molecular biology, I bring a transhumanist, science-based (distinct from evidence-based), and empathetic perspective to my coaching practice. I believe that people have the right to modify their own bodies as they see fit, without gatekeeping. I specialize in transfeminine and non-binary transition, but also work with transmasculine individuals.

I begin by asking the client what their goals are. We discuss the variety of medical interventions that are available for achieving these goals, and what steps the client should consider taking. What medications might be beneficial? With what surgeons might the client want to schedule consults? What steps might the client take to increase the likelihood that their insurer will cover gender-affirming procedures?


I charge coaching clients a sliding scale fee. My standard rate is $300 for a 50-minute appointment, which includes any follow-up research that might be needed.

Joining my practice

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